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Update 17-Jan-2019: Turns out my first SQL Saturday in Ireland was up in Dublin, thanks Bartosz Ratajczyk for reminding me!

Belfast SQL Server User Group

If you’re on twitter, and you should just for #sqlhelp, then you may have seen this tweet from the Belfast SQL Server User Group ( blog | twitter ).

Yeah, that’s me…

Old Promises.

A while back I talked about my goals for 2018. One of them was to start speaking.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to do that during 2018. However, when I came back to Ireland, I managed to find the SQL Server User Group – Cork ( blog | twitter ) and got to go to SQL Saturday Cork.

To add to the amazement that was my first SQL Saturday in Ireland since coming back from London to Ireland, and my first blog post created during a SQL Saturday, I also got to volunteer for a talk by Mary Fealty ( blog | twitter ) and got to talking to her afterwards as well.

After talking to her, and being slightly in awe of her natural friendliness and knowledge, it was her who talked me around to doing a session. So if there’s anyone to blame it’s me first for accepting it, then her for suggesting it!

So even though I didn’t manage to do a speaking session in 2018, I’m only 22 days late 🙂

Now what to talk about. Something PowerShell and SQL Server related…

Feel Validated with dbachecks

Your boss comes up to you and asks

“Do we have backups for last night?”
“Did we run corruption checks?!”
“Do we have auto-shrink on?!!”.

You know that you do but how do you give your peace of mind to others. If only there was some sort of validation that you could do (wink wink nudge nudge).

In this session we’ll go over:

  • how to use dbachecks to validate your instances,
  • run through some of the checks,
  • how you can share the results with others, and
  • how to create and run some of your own checks!


Are you ready? I don’t think I’ll ever be.
Looking forward to it? Bricking it.
What happens if nobody is there? I’ll talk to an empty room!
Anything worse than that? Mushrooms on my pizza 🙁

Hope to see you there!

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