Community Scripts

The SQL Community has created fantastic resources, all…for…you!

Check them out and let me know if you think I have missed any that should be included.

Community Scripts Preview:

In case you want to check out some of these links individually, I’ve added a list of the contributors, resource name, and the bitly link.

Contributor Resource Bitly Link
Adam Machanic sp_WhoIsActive
Andy Mallon Shortcuts Cheat Sheet
Brent Ozar Unlimited Paste The Plan
Daniel Janik How’s My Plan
dbatools dbatools
Glenn Berry SQL Server Diagnostic Information Queries
Greg Low SDU Tools
Kenneth Fisher sp_SrvPermissions
Kimberly Tripp sp_SQLskills_helpindex
Mike Fal PowerShell Toolbox
Niko Neugebauer Columnstore Indexes Scripts Library
Paul Randal Wait Statistics (please, tell me where it hurts)
Waits Library
Raul Gonzalez sqlg_securityAuditServerLogins

Scripts PDF:

PDF’s are so much prettier than hard-to-edit WordPress tables, aren’t they? Here’s a preview of what the PDF looks like!

It’s not the very latest version but I leave it in because Andy Mallon is first in this. 😀

Community Scripts Preview

PDF available in the link below



Bear in mind that this is a work in progress, so I’d be happy to hear your suggestions on layouts, formats, etc. This is a collection of community scripts and tools; I got no problem with the community having a say in the final result.

Standard warnings:

Nearly every script in here has the standard warning. Something along the lines of

WARNING: Script is from the web, the place where bugs, viruses, and sarcasm lives! Use at your own risk and/or peril.

You have been warned…

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