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I was so disappointed we don’t have a webinar on May the 4th 🙁

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May Day! May Day!

We are hoping that that is the most urgent alert you get this month.

To make sure that performance problems aren’t the cause of the alerts that you do receive, we’ve gathered together webinars this month on Performance Tuning; both of which are going to be delivered by first class presenters.
If that doesn’t take your fancy, we’ve got another webinar for those of you that want to dip your toes into the Linux waters.


Kendra Little ( blog | twitter )

Index Design for Beginners

11:00 am -12 pm CST

Ready to design your first nonclustered index in SQL Server? In just one hour you’ll learn how to look at a query and design a nonclustered index to make it faster. You’ll learn about key columns, included columns, and a few gotchas to look out for. You’ll leave the session with a foundational understanding of rowstore nonclustered indexes, ready to tackle further indexing challenges.

Shane: Kendra doesn’t say much about herself but then again she is one of the few people that are so widely known and respected in the SQL Server community that she doesn’t have to. You should really sign up for her Quizletter, it’s an enjoyable way to test your knowledge and learn what you don’t know or have forgotten as well.

Rob Farley ( blog | twitter )

Advanced Indexing for Beginners

12:30pm – 1:30pm BST

Indexing doesn’t have to be hard, but you need to have the right level of understanding to get the most out of it. Knowing what’s going on with different types of indexes, and how your index choices affect various components of the SQL engine can cause you to look at indexing in a new way. This demo-heavy session will take you on a journey from the basics of indexing through to advanced concepts that become simple when viewed correctly, using practical examples to explain the theory.

Rob Farley is not your average speaker. Sure, he’s an MCM, MCT, and MVP (since 2006). Sure, he runs a Gold Partner consultancy (LobsterPot Solutions) with two other Data Platform MVPs on the team. Sure he’s written books and heads up the Adelaide SQL Server User Group. Sure, he’s spent time on the PASS board and on the Australian Computer Society executive. But when Rob gives presentations he does so without slides – just demos – and challenges how you think about data. You can read some of Rob’s work at blogs.lobsterpot.com.au, or at sqlperformance.com, or catch him on Twitter at @rob_farley.

Charles Kim ( blog | twitter )

Linux Fundamentals for SQL Server DBAs

11am – 12pm CST

Most of the Fortune 1000 companies leverage Linux for their 7/24 mission-critical enterprise server platform and Enterprise Linux has become the standard de facto for reliability and scalability. Today, more and more companies are considering Linux as their new operating system (OS) for SQL Server; and in today’s economy to be an effective database administrator, DBAs and Architects must possess extensive OS and database expertise.
In this session, learn how to install and configure SQL Server on Red Hat 7 Enterprise Linux and SUSE Enterprise Server (SLES v12) on bare metal servers and in virtualized infrastructures. We will discuss the top 10 Linux commands that every SQL Server DBA needs to know as you transition from Microsoft to the world of Red Hat and SUSE; with a closer look at the different file system types that are available and which one you should choose.
Leveraging real-life experiences and techniques as a certified Linux veteran for over 16 years, I will also share my top tips that you need to know to configure a Linux environment worthy to run SQL Server:

  1. Install required RPMs to install SQL Server
    * Manage and interrogate RPMs
    * Review RPM dependencies
    * Setup a local YUM repository
  2. Set appropriate kernel and network parameters, shell limits, and file limits for SQL Server
  3. Configure transparent hugepages
  4. Determine and implement the right I/O Scheduler
  5. Configure NTP for the server
  6. Bond network interface
    * Enable jumbo frames
  7. Configuring NFS
  8. Setup correct partition alignment
  9. Centralize System Logging
  10. Simplify DNS
  11. Setup up ssh equivalence between Linux servers
  12. Configure swap setting

Charles Kim is an Oracle ACE Director, VMware vExpert, Oracle Certified DBA, Certified Exadata Implementation Specialist, Certified SharePlex Administrator, and a Certified RAC Expert. Charles specializes in RAC, Exadata, Cloud, and Virtualization and author of 10 books:

Other Items

We’ve got 2 big items of news for you this month.

New Sponsorship

We’ve been lucky enough to be offered a sponsorship from dbWatch. They are a cross-platform monitoring, management and reporting tool for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, Sybase, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

New Helpers

The call for helpers has been sent out that last few emails and we’ve been lucky enough to have the positions filled. I won’t embarrass them here by naming and shaming them but you’ll see them helping out with the VG from here on out.

Don’t be afraid to give them a quick “hi!” the next webinar you find yourself at!

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2018 Quarter 1 & 2 Contest

You may have seen Steve mention the contest that we are doing for the first half of 2018. In case you haven’t it’s simple to catch up!

After the last session in June, the 19th to be exact, we are giving away 3 Amazon gift cards ranging from $1,000 down to $500 and $300.

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And that’s it so far! May your May be mighty!

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