T-SQL Tuesday #100 – Looking Forward 100 Months

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It’s here, the 100th installment of T-SQL Tuesday. It seems only right that the host for this month is none other than the creator himself – Adam Machanic ( blog | twitter ).

For this month, we’ve been asked to put on [our] speculative shades and forecast the bright future ahead“. Now, Adam does say that we can “tell […] what the world will be like when T-SQL Tuesday #200 comes to pass” but he also says that we can have “a bit more fun” if we like.

Well, I can never say no to fun so here’s my (potential) future journal from the time of T-SQL Tuesday #200.

Monday, 2026-06-13

What a day! The Director of Public Relations (DPR) had a screaming match at the DevOps team. Apparently it’s possible to use “access leakage” and gather data from secure databases in the cloud.

This is a potentially massive Public Relations (PR) nightmare that could happen to us at any time and, with the first instance of the maximum penalty of 4% annual turnover for GDPR infringenment only happening 2 years ago, I guess everyone is a bit on edge even if it took a long time coming.

Anyway she asked us to draw up a General Defensive Plan (GDP) to combat this but, honestly, I’m not quite sure if I’ve ever seen one before.

Never thought I’d be able to say that I had to do a GDP for the DPR in case of bad PR from a GDPR incident though!

Oh well, better ask #sqlhelp.

Tuesday. 2026-06-14


Now that our pull request got accepted by the Microsoft PowerShell Team – our team is now one of the major contributors to pwsh 12.2.0 – we can now have fully integrated and scripted enviroments from our Microsoft Azure, Amazon RDS, and Google Cloud Storage!

Granted, it would have been nice to have them all on the same provider but with the price war that they were waging, it’s just cheaper to pick and choose the cheapest options of both.

We can automate the manual pain away and save the company thousands per year. Plus, I’m hoping that showing them how much we saved them could lead to a better bonus for us!

As a side note, got a weird request to set up a new SQL Server database on-premises! It’s been so long, do people still even do that?

Wednesday, 2026-06-15

Finally completed my registration for PASS Summit 2026. Am I disappointed that I can’t go in person? Well, any other time I would have said yes but this year they’re rolling out the new Virtual Summit.

Anyone not able to go will be able to log into the PASS Summit’s VR servers, connect with our headsets & haptic gloves and be able to experience what it’s like to walk through the halls, attend sessions, hand out business cards (and have them sent directly to email), and experience the wonders that is PASS Summit.

The great thing about this is, since every session has a free lab where you can work along with the presentation, the benefits can be achieved by all even if you can’t personally attend!

The downside is that I hear rumours that they’re trying to somehow incorporate the SQL Karaoke into the package as well. No thanks, I don’t want to be accused of animal cruelty if anyone heard me screech out “Livin’ On A Prayer”.

Thursday, 2026-06-16

We finally upgraded our critical business database off SQL Server 2005!

Friday, 2026-06-17

What? Ever since 2024, we’ve had 4 day weekdays.

Get with the times people!!! 😀


Author: Shane O'Neill

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  1. My favorite part: “got a weird request to set up a new SQL Server database on-premises! It’s been so long, do people still even do that?”

    I like the narrative style here.

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