DBA Fundamentals January 2018

We’re aiming to have your “Learning” resolution covered!

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What’s On?

It’s the New Year which means that your motivation is more than likely at an all time high.

It’s also the start of the week, start of the month, and start of the year; time for a fresh start. Time to finally get down and learn that session/grasp that language/work on that soft skill.

Plus you’re in the I.T. sector, if the above and a fresh heap of motivation don’t get you ready for some learning, then I’m not sure what will!

Check out the below to see what we can help you out with!


Kimberly Tripp ( Blog | Twitter )

Statement Execution and the Plan Cache

2018-01-09 12:30pm AEST

Kimberly will discuss the impact on caching / performance of different methods of statement execution. Briefly, she will also compare / contrast this with stored procedures. In the end, you’ll know the best way to request data so that stable requests are cached and unstable requests are not (giving you the most optimal performance).

Erik Darling ( Blog )

The Jr. DBA Workout Plan

2018-01-09 11:00 – 12:00 CST

Squat, deadlift, overhead press, and bench press. In the gym, it’s easy to figure out what you need to be doing to get stronger. When you show up to work, you’re overwhelmed by all the things happening on your server(s), and you can’t figure out where to begin. In this session, we’ll talk about building a strong knowledge foundation to help you powerlift your career, without having to clean and jerk or snatch and grab your way to the top. For free.

Jes Borland ( Blog | Twitter )

Not So Secret: Get to Know SQL Server Agent

2018-01-23 11:00 – 12:00 CST

Secret agents have it all: fun code names, cool gadgets, and fast cars. SQL Server Agent has operators, jobs, and alerts. These features will turn your database server into a well-tuned machine that can warn you of errors, alert you to approaching problems, and run tasks on a schedule. Learn how to increase your automation capabilities and take your notifications to a new level!

Women In Technology

Have you ever seen any of the Women in Technology sessions?

They are guaranteed golden nuggets of useful information covering technical and non-technical content.

If you have yet to check out one of these sessions, you don’t even know what you’re missing, you essentially don’t know that you don’t know

Now, we’re happy to have moved you from “Unknown Unknowns” into “Known Unknowns” but check out the below, and head straight to “Known Knowns”!

Monica Rathbun ( Blog | Twitter )

I’m It — Survival Techniques for the Lone DBA

2018-01-17 12:00 EST

Are you the only database person at your company? Are you both the DBA and the Developer? Being the only data professional in an environment can seem overwhelming, daunting, and darn near impossible sometimes. However, it can also be extremely rewarding and empowering. This session will cover how you can keep your sanity, get stuff done, and still love your job. We’ll cover how [Monica has] survived and thrived being a Lone DBA for 15 years and how you can too. When you finish this session, you’ll know what you can do to make your job easier, where to find help, and how to still be able to advance and enrich your career.

Other Items

We’re continuing work on getting a list of past presenters up on our website. It’s a slow, deliberate progress but it’s ongoing. (We really are!)
You can check it out here: Past Presenters
If you have any suggestions, please don’t be afraid to let us know.

We’ve created a Group on LinkedIn as another way to spread the information and as a platform for knowledge sharing. Check it out and let us know a). if you like it, and/or b). how you think it can be improved.
We are always open to suggestions.

Apart from that, anything you want to get in touch about, hit us up on Slack or Twitter.

It’s January people…you’ve got this!

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