Heading to PASS Summit ’17? See you there!

I’ll be the one trying not to avoid eye contact and wanting to talk to everyone!

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As part of helping out with the the DBA Fundamentals Virtual Group, I’ve been given the opportunity to attend PASS Summit and MAN AM I EXCITED!!!

I’ve chosen which sessions to go to, and am still agonizing about the ones that I’m going to miss.

I’m looking forward to putting faces to names, probably forgetting those faces/names momentarily cause I have the memory span of a hyperactive goldfish (sorry), and then learning them again!

Also it’s in Seattle, so coffee!!! Food too but mainly coffee!!!

Meet Up?

At any stage you want to meet, let me know!

Everyone says that PASS Summit is 50% sessions and 50% networking, so I’d love to see which one wins out in the end.

As part of working with the VG I intend to hang out at the community zone on Thursday from 07:30am to 10:15am for the Europe, Middle East & Africa Regional housr so catch me there.

Any questions, comments, or feedback about the DBA Fundamentals VG feel free to pass it on to me.

Apart from that, I get in to Seattle on Monday and leave again on Sunday so apart from PASS meetings on the Tuesday, my time is your time!

Looking forward to hopefully seeing you there!


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