DBA Fundamentals August 2017

What’s On?

DBA Fundamentals VG has 3 different sessions ready for you all this August, with 2 sessions from our American Group and 1 from our down-under group.

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Damien Widera ( blog | twitter )

“SQL Server 2017 – What’s New?”

2017-08-08, 12:30 – 13:30 Brisbane

Damien would like to show you the most interested features you can find in SQL Server 2017. He will briefly talk about SQL Server on Linux (Security), how to use Python scripts, Adaptive query processing and many more.
Very demo heavy.


Warner Chaves ( blog | twitter )

“Azure SQL Data Warehouse for the SQL Server DBA”

2017-08-08, 11:00 – 12:00.

The power of cloud storage and compute power has made data warehousing possible for businesses of all sizes. What was once a large capital expenditure and multi-year implementation can now be deployed and ready to use within minutes and allow any organization to collect, query and discover insights from their structured data sources. With a full T-SQL interface and compatibility with the rest of the Microsoft data stack, Azure Data Warehouse can fit transparently into your business data strategy and leverage already existing and familiar development and management skills. In this session we will look at the main concepts of the Azure SQL Data Warehouse service, how it’s different than SQL Server and the advantages it provides to an on-premises solution.


David Klee ( blog | twitter )

“Linux for the SQL Administrator”

2017-08-22 , 11:00 – 12:00

I bet never in your career you thought SQL Server would run on anything other than Windows. Times are changing, and are you ready? SQL Server on Linux is right around the corner! What is Linux – really? Why run your mission-critical databases on an unfamiliar operating system? This introductory session will help seasoned SQL Server DBA understand the basics of Linux and how it is different from Windows, all the way from basic management to performance monitoring. By the end of this session, you will be able to launch your own Linux-based SQL Server instance and get hands-on with this paradigm shift to see if this new platform is right for your organization.

Other Items

We’re continuing work on getting a list of past presenters up on our website. It’s a slow, deliberate progress but it’s ongoing.

You can check it out here: Past Presenters

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